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God Vishnu

He is the second member of the Hindu Trinity.

He is said to be the Preserver/Sustainer of life, especially because of His association with the principles of order, righteousness, and dharma (truth/nobility).Whenever these principles are threatened, and religion is endangered on the earth, He comes out of His transcendence to assume an earthly form, and incarnates on the earth to restore the principles, and save His devotees.

He takes on an earthly form and becomes incarnated. He is also known as Hari, the remover of sorrow, and Narayan.

He is described having a dark colour representing the passive and formless ether , a great quality for a pervading God.

Shanta Karam Bhujaga Shayanam
Padmanabham Suresham
Vishvadharam Gagana Sadrsham
Megha Varnam Shubhangam
Lakshmi Kantam Kamala Nayanam
Yogibhir Dhyana Gamyam
Vande Vishnum Bhava Bhaya Haram
Sarva Lokaiaka Natham

I adore Vishnu, the embodiment of Peace, who sleeps on the serpent,
Whose naval is the lotus of the Universe
Who is the Lord of the Gods, who is the support of the Universe, Who is in the form of Space (the Omnipresent)
Whose color resembles that of clouds, Whose body is auspicious
Who is the Lord of Lakshmi, whose eyes are like lotuses
Who is attainable by Yogis through meditation
Who is the destroyer of the fear of birth and death
And who is the One Lord of all the World


Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula Says:

Wonderful Efforts in bringing Up Hinduism's Such Great Stotrams!!..keep it Up.

Well, Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram was authored by my favourite charecter BHEESHMA!! So, i love this one

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niranjan Says:

I like this Vishnu sahasranamam

jyothi l Says:

vishnu sahasranamam was said by Bheeshma to Yudishtara inpraise of lord vishnu.

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